Chris has something to tell you

Our Dreamer Chris is a very impressive young man and his words have touched us deeply. I hope you enjoy reading this letter…

“Seeing as I have less than 3 months remaining until I finish my treatment, I was thinking about my journey up until this point. I thought about the lows but I also thought about the highs and one thing that struck me was the amazing trip to cairns in June. The 2 months prior to this consisted of an extremely intense treatment regime consisting of both Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy. As you could imagine my physical and mental state were not in good shape. The holiday had a huge impact on my body and state of mind. I was much more relaxed and was able to block out any negative thoughts and feelings simply due to having an amazing time with my family. My Mum, Dad and Sister also benefitted immensely from the trip. Knowing that someone you love is suffering when you can’t do anything about it is tough.

This was the break they also needed to escape from all the madness. The forest walks, trip to the beautiful barrier reef and relaxing with the family were major highlights that allowed us to feel free from anything medically related, which was a big relief. When we arrived home from Cairns we were all feeding off each other’s positive energy. At this time I was due to start my next 6 months of Chemotherapy. As a result of the family finally being relaxed and positive after a great holiday, this helped me mentally to get through my first few weeks of chemo which I believe is usually the hardest. As you can see, this initiative put forward by Dreams2live4 does more than charity work for people, it brings them to life when nothing else will. It isn’t often you hear the phrase “happy cancer patient”. Now because of this organisation, it can be said time and time again. On behalf of myself and the other patients, I’d like to officially thank the Dreams2live4 team and all of its supporters. It really does make a massive difference for those who can only dream.“

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