Her heart was breaking. She would not be there to watch them grow and share her wisdom

In the last two years of her life, Beryl became a grandmother to two beautiful babies. Her joy was overwhelmed with the sadness that her battle with metastatic cancer would mean she would not be here to watch them grow and share with them the wisdom she had gained through her life. So she wrote her life story.

Beryl worked throughout treatments and hospital visits to finish her gift to her grandchildren. When she passed away her husband asked Dreams2live4 if we could help fulfil her dream and have the manuscript professionally edited. We did that and presented each family member with a leather bound copy of Beryl’s work.

“Thank you Dreams2live4 for realising Beryl’s dream and hard work. This is a gift which not only fills my heart with joy but inspires a new generation to know their beautiful grandmother and how much she loved them.”

*Details have been altered to protect the privacy of our dreamer.

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