iSelect have generously been a huge financial donor for Dreams2live4. The money they have donated has helped many Dreams come true. Here is just one example of how having money in the bank allows us to make urgent Dreams come true.

Our Dreamer Dianna was too ill to leave the hospital and time was running out. Finding a photographer who could make it to the hospital in time was a big call. Pam Dawes, the Medical Photographer for the hospital, heard Dianna’s story and jumped into action.

hat night, when the hospital foyer was deserted, Pam set up a studio and took the family photograph that Dianna had been yearning for. Then back in her office, and well into the night, Pam worked her magic on the computer, painstakingly stripping away any evidence of Dianna’s gastric tubes and medical patches. Dreams2live4 with the generous support of iSelect helped Pam with the costs of printing and framing. The next day Dianna wept with joy when she saw the photographs. In the last weeks of her life Dianna’s hospital room was filled with the images of her beloved family. None of this would have been possible without Pam putting her hand up to help and supporters like iSelect giving Dreams2live4 funds that we can access immediately to bring urgent dreams to life. We thank iSelect from the bottoms of our hearts for helping make Dreams come true.


Pam - Photographer - Edited

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