My Illness has been so isolating, now the world can come to me!

Claudio, a 65 year old man, spends a lot of time relaxing at home recovering from treatment for metastatic cancer. Travelling and even going out for dinner are not options for him. But the dream of creating a media room where he could relax and entertain the grandkids excited him. “When you are handed a bunch of lemons you make lemonade. If TV was the biggest entertainment of my day then my dream was to have the biggest TV”.

“Warmest of thanks for your wonderful Dreams2live4. Although probably considered unusual by most, it is a gift, which gives me personally a great deal of pleasure on a day to day basis. Your generosity at a time when there are so many negatives coming in one’s direction are truly appreciated and cherished. Your kindness and caring play such a large part in lifting the spirit and touching the heart. My illness has been so isolating. Now the world can come to me. Even the grandkids like hanging out with grandpa and watching the 3D.”

*Details have been altered to protect the privacy of our dreamer.

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