makes dreams come true for patients who are living with
Metastatic cancer meaning any cancer that has spread

"My life was overwhelmed with illness… Now I am filled with dreams and plans."

  • This is for my darling.

    Sixty three year old metastatic cancer patient Doug is one of your true blue Aussies. But to his great regret he had never been to Uluru. “My wife and I had always thought we would get their when we retired. Unfortunately she passed away last year and now my time is running out.”… See more

  • My dream is for my girls… to follow their dreams.

    Faced with aggressive brain cancer, Peter’s fight for life has also become a fight to share his wife and daughters’ passions. “I don’t want our lives to become my disease. I still want to nurture my girls and share their passions.” See more

  • “She travelled three hours a day to sit with me and hold my hand”

    Our Dreamer Julie wanted to show her mother how much her care, love and support has meant to her. “My mother nursed my Dad for three years through his cancer battle before he died. Now she is nursing me – her baby. It must be devastating for her. I want to show her how much I love her.” See how

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Dreams2live4 is a visionary program that realises the dreams of patients living with Metastatic cancer meaning any cancer that has spread, aggressive brain cancer, relapsed lymphoma and relapsed leukaemia. This year our small and dedicated team will work with more than 300 patients facing this life threatening disease.


Why dreams make a difference

Metastatic cancer drains families of joy, hope and finances. It can be a long and gruelling battle for patients. Often they and their partners cannot work and they can no longer do many things that other families take for granted. By offering patients a chance to dream, we reignite a sense of control and optimism in their lives. Conversations change and so does the outlook of patients and their families.

Who can receive a dream?

Adult patients who have been diagnosed with any of the following are encouraged to contact Dreams2Live4 about receiving a Dream.
  • Metastatic cancer – meaning any cancer which has spread from its original site
  • Advanced Glioma Stage 3 and 4
  • Relapsed lymphoma
  • Relapsed leukaemia

How Can I Help?

Dreams2live4 relies on its community of volunteers to fundraise, source services and make dreams come true. Sometimes its money, other times its knowing someone who can help a dream come true. And sometimes it’s having the personal skill that can help another human being in need. Sign up to help

Companies who help dreams come true

We need lots of help to make dreams come true. Go to our Partners Page and see who is helping us and how.

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  • Can you pull strings with the Bunnies?

    Our 53 year old Dreamer has been a passionate supporter of The South Sydney Rabbitohs for more than 46 years through thick and thin. He is undergoing a gruelling treatment program for metastatic cancer. To keep his spirits up, we would love to help him meet his South Sydney team. Can you help? See more

  • Do you know a photographer in Thredbo?

    She has a husband who loves her and a 4 year old daughter she adores. She also has metastatic cancer. Our Dreamer puts a brave face on for her family but her greatest fear is all the ‘firsts’ she may miss in her young daughter’s life.

  • It’s World Cancer Day. Make a Difference and make Dreams come True

    Dreams2live4 has gone national which means hundreds of more patients whose lives have been torn apart through cancer are learning to dream and live again. But we desperately need your support to make these dreams a reality. See more

  • In the last month we received the sad news of the passing of several of our dreamers.

    While our hearts were heavy, our spirits were raised when family members told us what these amazing dreamers had organised. Each left a special request that instead of flowers at their funeral , they a donation be made to Dreams2live4 . See more

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Lunch with David Gyngell 23rd June 2017

Join Peter Overton and Erin Molan for this unique interview with their former boss David Gyngell as they uncover the private world and war stories of Australia’s foremost television executive and 2 of the country’s most loved journalists. . Book Tickets

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TGIF Ladies Lunch 28th April 2017 Roseville Golf Club

Join us for a day of joy, laughter, fun, fantastic prizes, inspirational speakers and many more opportunities to give back to Dreams2Live4. Book your tables and tickets at Click to book!

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And the winner is…

Congratulations to the holder of ticket number D2L45868 Nina Whittaker, the winner of the Dreams2Live4 Dreams Can Come True Raffle. Channel 9’s Erin Molan drew Nina’s winning ticket from the raffle barrel at 10 am on 20/12/2016.

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