The honeymoon that never was…

Robert and Lorraine have been there for each other through a life-time of ups and downs. Their love is as strong as ever after 49 years. While the cancer Robert is desperately fighting is making their future uncertain, our Dreamer is certain of one thing: the love he has for his wife. He longs to show his beloved wife what her care and love has meant to him. His dream was to renew their vows and celebrate their very special commitment to each other.

Robert’s dream is to renew their wedding vows and take her on the honeymoon they never got to have. As parents and grandparents, this ceremony will be a special time to bring family and friends together.

So on their 49th wedding anniversary Bob’s Dream came true. They were joined by members of the original, 1967 wedding party: the best man, bridesmaid and flower girl. But Bob’s Dream didn’t stop there. You see, when they married things were tough and a honeymoon was out of the question. Bob had always promised he would take his beloved Lorraine on a honeymoon to Nelson Bay and so that is what they did! Thank you for sharing this special dream with us all and reminding us of the beauty of love.

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