To be surrounded by what I love: soccer and my mates!

Rhys is a true inspiration to all that know him. He has not let his battle with a rare and painful cancer stop him from enjoying what he loves. A soccer enthusiast from a young age, Rhys is a passionate Mariners fan. Dreams2Live4 made his dream come true when he attended a training session and one of their games in fantastic VIP seats. The biggest surprise of all was Rhys being asked to present the match ball!

“In absolute grief and torment and in a horrific situation, Dreams2Live4 have given us some light and love”
– Caroline, Rhys’ mum

The smile on his face- despite his constant pain- was truly priceless! Rhys and his 10 best mates also spent the weekend on the Central coast enjoying the game and precious time together. It was something he had always wanted to do but until now, never had the chance!

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