A beautiful little distraction to my pain

“My Dad died of cancer. A month later, my wife was then diagnosed. Over the last 8 months my wife has been in hospital, there were times we thought she wouldn’t make it. But to see the joy in her face this morning was brilliant and such a relief. She now has a beautiful distraction to the pain thanks to the simple and generous gesture of bringing this puppy into our lives. I cannot thank you enough!” – John

John and his wife Kris are over the moon with their new little bundle of joy. Kris’ cancer means she is unable to drive and with John at work, she is home alone most of the time. Now their new, gorgeous puppy Zoe is able to keep her company: bringing some much-needed comfort and joy into Kris’ life.

“Thank you for our wonderful puppy, we already can’t imagine her not being part of our little family. She is very playful, likes cuddles when she feels sleepy and barks at her own reflection in the mirror. She makes me smile every day and we think she is adorable!” – Kris

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