A Dream to celebrate their love

Brad’s life is his family. Throughout his devastating diagnosis and ongoing battle with cancer, Brad’s thoughts have been for his girls. Brad’s dream is to renew his wedding vows with his beloved wife on their 16th wedding anniversary – in the presence of family and friends. “Especially our daughters Olivia and Charlotte. I want them to truly know how much their mum and dad love each other. Our beautiful daughters are playing a big part on the day as we love them so, so much. “
Planning the day is a project the whole family has been involved in. “The preparations and ideas have been a good distraction from the nightmare of cancer which we have been in for the last 11 months”. Hosting the day has empowered Brad to repay the kindness of his friends and family who have stood by their side in the last year and will be with them as they face the future.
“Thank you so much Dreams2Live4 and your generous supporters for allowing our dream to happen . We will remember this very special day for the rest of our lives.” – Brad
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