A fighting Spirit

For a girl far out West, the Big City was a dream in itself. From afar she imagined the adventures it holds, and a pace that finally matched her own. While she fights relentlessly against her diagnosis, our dreamer Crystal holds her Bucket List in heart and mind. Far from her world governed by treatments, symptoms and side effects, Crystal’s love of animals inspired her to dream. In her words ‘cancer is A LOT scarier than sharks’.

Our dreamer chases life with an unflinching ability to find adventure in moments that pass most of us by. With friends who have become much more than carers, the three embraced the city for a week with a little luxury. After dinner at the Centre Point Tower, the animals called them to the Wildlife Zoo where they defied all expectations. Running around from koalas to crocodiles, her sense of wonder is not one you see in a day or even a lifetime. We couldn’t be happier to help make this dream come true for someone always a few steps ahead of the rest.

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