A Friendship Worth Fighting For

When Alison first met her friends Lauren and Jenny in high school, these three girls could have never imagined where their paths would take them; the people they would marry, the children they would raise and the dreams they would have. What they didn’t doubt is that they would never part. Together they shared a bond that carried them through the moments when they were needed most. When Alison was diagnosed in 2014, they have stood by her side. When there were days of treatment that seemed to never end they held her hand. When there was a fear of what the next day would hold if it ever came, they gave her hope. Above all, when there was life, they gave her joy. They have given everything they can to see her smile, and so Alison gives the memories that will guide them and give them strength to carry on in life even when she can’t. With her dream she chose to celebrate those who have lit up her life in its darkest hour.

When Alison was told of the mere months left to live, there was one thing on her mind- time. Time she needed to say goodbye, to tell the people around her how much she truly loved them and, most of all, to experience life without fear. The reasons not to escape with her friends fell away when she came to Dreams2Live4 for help. Far away from the exhausting and unforgiving routine of cancer treatments, Alison and her friends shared their dream girls weekend in the Peppers Hotel on the Gold Coast skyline.

“We laughed like crazy, chatted like birds, cried like babies, then laughed some more.”

From breakfasts in hotel dressing gowns to lazy afternoons in the pool, for the first time in a long time, Alison and her friends could live in the moment. Laughter, love and tears filled their days as they reminisced on old memories. While there is no vow that keeps them together, it is clear that nothing could ever tear them apart. It is dreams like Alison’s that can open up a chapter, however small, that proves how joy can find its way into all of our lives.

Alison’s dream came true due to the kind donation made by Brand Matters . The talented team at Brand Matters have been supporting Dreams2Live4 since they designed our powerful feather logo. This Christmas the Brand Matters team have donated to make Alison’s dream come true in a generous gesture of gratitude to their staff and clients. Thank you Brand Matters !


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