A Hamilton Hide-away

Trish had only been married for a year when she received her cancer diagnosis.

“I have managed to have fun in spite of cancer because of the love and support from my husband. My dream was to take him to Hamilton Island- to have a luxe experience with the love of my life, by the water, in fresh air enjoying beautiful food. I truly believe our magical experience was a healing tonic for both of us.”

“Words cannot express how grateful I am to you, Annabel, the Dream Team and your donors for my dream. This wonderful romantic getaway was the perfect way to celebrate life with my husband.”

“In some ways it is just the beginning of a conversation I am having with myself about dreaming bigger. I have always been a believer in designing your own life. Advanced cancer had me grappling with being realistic versus redefining what is possible. A better reality starts with a simple thought irrespective of not having control of the outcome.”

“Thanks to the joy you have given me Dreams2Live4 and for reigniting my dreams.”

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