A Honeymoon Long Overdue

In March 1989, our dreamer Anne-Maree married the love of her life.

“We were young and had very little money but an opportunity to have our honeymoon on Hamilton Island arose,” says Anne-Maree.

“This was like a dream come true so off we drove in our little car up to Queensland. Unfortunately, a category 5 cyclone decided to arrive on its coast at the same time.”

“It was then that we became stranded by torrential rain between the Cyclone and some major flooding.”

This was not what these two newlyweds had hoped for. Anne-Maree was diagnosed 3 years later with breast cancer. In 2013 this diagnosis progressed to stage 4. “To say this was a shock would be an understatement,” said Anne-Maree.

So for their 30th wedding anniversary, Anne-Maree and her husband will be enjoying a honeymoon that’s long overdue- just the two of them in Tasmania… “as far away from Cyclones as possible”.

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