A letter of Courage From Hamilton

When treatment kept our dreamer Jayne from seeing the work of Lin Manuel Miranda in Hamilton, live, it became her dream to have it brought to her!

Music has found itself in every part of Jayne’s life. It has brought her joy in life and strength after her diagnosis of Ovarian cancer. Her passion shines through even the worst days of treatment as she continues to fight, as seen by her hero, Lin Manuel Miranda. A hand-written note now sits proudly above her piano reminding her of the warrior she is and the courage she has shown us.

“A huge thank you to Dreams2Live4 for brightening a very dark part of my life with this moment of happiness. On my ‘good’ days I can play my piano and look up at the encouraging words from my musical hero Lin Manuel Miranda and it reminds me to smile. It is a moment of happiness.” Jayne writes.

For someone who shows such strength in her fight, it is our privilege to give her a reason to smile.

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