A Loving Heart

Someone once said that a loving heart is the beginning of everything. When we met our dreamer, Tanisha, we knew that her story did not start and will not end with her diagnosis. Tanisha is 24 years old, living in Port Macquarie. She teaches special education to children with Autism and adores it. She is the mother to an oversized and overly loveable Great Dane named Thor. She has found the love of her life in Jeremy. She is a beautiful person, inside and out, who deserves a beautiful life.

In 2017 a ‘benign’ tumour had been removed after a series of migraines. After the craniotomy, life continued for the next month, as did the wedding plans for the young couple. On their annual family vacation, they were called back to the news that all was not as the surgeons had hoped.

Following months of chemotherapy and radiation, the two have been living in fast forward. In October they swore to cherish one another in sickness and in health, with everyone they love to witness. After finishing off the school term in December, the couple escaped to Tasmania to fulfil their dream honeymoon. Together they hiked summits, revelled in the quiet and got up close and personal with the wildlife. Their dream gave them the time they needed in each other’s company. It brought them peace.

We are so grateful to have been involved in this small chapter of Tanisha’s life and we wish her and her husband every happiness. To witness the love you’ve found in one another inspires us to spread hope to more dreamers every day.

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