A Whale of a Time

Our Dreamer Victoria, Tori for short, has spent the past 25 years longing to swim with the Humpback whales.

“I don’t quite understand my fascination with these fellow mammals but I am very passionate about them and I hope I can stay well enough to be able to fulfill this life-long dream of swimming with them,” Tori writes.

After working with mental and physical challenges for the past 20 years, Tori found her passion in helping others, but after a mammogram in 2011, it was she that needed help.

“After a double mastectomy, I have had treatment from a wonderful oncologist for the last eight years with no re occurrence of the cancer until last year when it was found to have metastasized into my collar bone, sternum, lungs, and my spine. It seems the first place the breast cancer goes is into the bones,” Tori writes.

A lifelong advocate for their conservation, Tori’s dreams have carried her through this grueling battle.

“I am an artist and have painted these whales; I have a seven-foot photo of a mother and baby humpback in my living room. My dream is to go the Pacific Whale Foundation and actually be able to get in the water with my snorkel and mask and swim with these glorious creatures,” Tori says.

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