“After I’m gone my  wife will be able to hold on to the memories we shared every day with our new best friend.

Dog lovers Leon and Lena lost their two dogs to cancer, and now Leon faces his own cancer diagnosis. A new puppy would bring joy, love and lasting memories into their lives.

“My wife Leny tells me that she too would be so excited about having a new best friend around the home again. My wife is a Filipina and had to leave her special pet dog in the Philippines with her family when she moved here with me to Australia about 4 years ago. My wife also had her battles with this dreaded disease that touches so many of us these days. She had to have a full hysterectomy and was unable to have children due to cervical Cancer…

I had two best friends see below….a 15 yo. border collie (a male) “Tramp” and 16 yo. (a female) rough collie named appropriately “Lady” ( Lady and the Tramp). Ironically both my loving dogs lost their own battles with this dreaded disease that I find myself battling with every day.

I have a rare form of kidney cancer and the prognosis like many other types of cancers hasn’t got a good ending.

The thoughts of my loving wife being able to remember the bonding sessions, training and love we shared with our new best friend, this would be enough to make my life satisfying and fulfilled….and after I’m gone my loving wife will be better able to hold on to the memories we had shared every day with our new best friend and companion for Leny.” – Leon

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