After lovingly taking care of her husband, it was time to take care of herself

Although our dreamer Barbra was battling her own secondary cancer, her husband also had cancer in an advanced phase. However, she was a constant caretaker for her husband until he tragically lost his battle. In honor of his memory, she and her daughter decided to take a holiday to the Whitsundays, something she and her husband had always talked about doing, to remember him and create new memories of their own.

“Mum has been through many therapies… but through them all she has retained her strength and determination, never giving up or backing down. She is one of the strongest people I know and truly a role model for me. While mum was battling her secondary cancer my dad became ill. We discovered in 2014 that he had advanced cancer. This was heartbreaking for our very close family. We couldn’t believe it was happening to both of them, but dad too was strong and we hoped that like mum he would make it through.

Unfortunately, dad’s condition rapidly deteriorated due to its advanced phased. In late 2015 we were told that we had exhausted all options for dad’s treatment. Mum stayed strong and vowed that she would be his primary carer, even though she was still very ill herself. But she was there around the clock and said that it was what she wanted to do for him. After almost fifty years of marriage she believed this was her duty and indeed privilege to be with him.

Mum kept him home until two days before he died. Her health rapidly deteriorated in this time due to stress and grief, but after some time passed she regained her attitude that she was not going anywhere. We needed her now more than ever. I’m so grateful for her strength and positivity, it has helped us all through the hardest time in our lives. Mum and I have always been close and after dad’s death we both had a very hard time coping with the loss.

It is her dream to be able to take some time away and visit the great barrier reef and Whitsundays, one place that she and dad always talked about going to but never got to. We want to do that together to honour his memory and so she can have some long overdue rest, relaxation and pleasure.”
– Sarah, Barbara’s Daughter

Thank you Sarah for this beautiful letter about your mother. Although our eyes are filled with tears with heartbreak for your family, we are honored to be able to make this Dream come true. Your Mum is a true hero, nursing your Dad while so ill herself, showing what a wonderful woman she is.

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