An Aerobatic Joy Flight

Last week our 73 year old Dreamer Ewald has taken the adventure to new heights with an aerobatic joy flight- ducking and diving above Lake Macquarie.

For years, Ewald has been crazy about flying. Cancer has robbed him of his ability to fly a plane but his dream gave him a chance to get back in the air.

“I received my diagnosis last year and have undergone my treatment, now we just wait and see.”

“My pilot, Emma, was a real pro and an absolute joy to fly with. The whole family showed up to see her aero-maneuvers.”

“I’ve been married for 48 years- with 2 sons and 4 grand-children. The whole family showed up on the day and many photos were taken.”

“I would like to thank my Dream Maker Annabel and Dreams2Live4, for my making my dream come true,” Ewald writes.

“It was the greatest day.”

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