An escape in the midst of such sadness and pain

If you walked passed Barry on the street you would never know he was ill. But this strong fit man had been given a devastating diagnosis. Told he had just weeks left to live, his Dream was to spend precious time with the love of his life Sarah. When Dream Maker Louise received the call she knew this Dream was not only desperately needed but had to be organised overnight. A week later Barry and Sarah were in Noosa spending their days together healing, surfing in the sea and soaking in the beautiful view from their room.

“In the midst of such sadness and pain Dreams2live4 gave us an escape – a chance to find peace and create memories. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”
– Sarah, Barry’s wife

Unfortunately, Barry passed shortly after his dream came true. However, his legacy lives on through his friend’s Avoca Beach’s ‘Golden Oldies’ fundraiser head every year in his memory. His love, Sarah, keeps his memory alive and helps Dreams2Live4 continue making other dreams come true.

Barry’s Dream provided a wonderful experience at a very important time in her and Barry’s life. A special memory she will have forever. It meant so much to her and touched her so deeply: you can just see it. I think its just beautiful that she gives back so much… she can’t give enough!”
– Brian, Sarah’s Friend

Local photographer Bec captured beautiful photographs of the couple which are now priceless to Sarah and family. Bec volunteered her skills and time – and gifted the photographs. http://www.capturedbybec.com/

We are so thankful for Sarah’s generosity and work towards helping us make more dreams come true. Without Sarah, and supporters like her, we would not be able to help so many dreamers!

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