Anna- The Hardworker with a Big Heart

What has motivated you or inspired you to volunteer at Dreams2Live4?

I was motivated to volunteer at Dreams2Live4 because of the wonderful work and difference the make to peoples lives who are in a very difficult situation. I like that it is a personal dream and the power of choice is given back to the dreamer. Here, they are reminded of what their day can hold, instead of what was taken from them. To me, this work also means shifting the focus from healing and recovery to something more joyful which can include the whole family. I also wanted to give back because of my positive experience and give back the love and support that I received.

What has been the most enjoyable part of your work with D2L4?

Listening to the dream-makers Louise and Annabel on their first conversations with the dreamers- encouraging them to reflect on what they want most.

Do you have any personal experience with cancer? Has anyone you know been impacted by cancer?

I had breast cancer in 2017. A few of my girlfriends have also had breast cancer, I’ve lost cousins to cancer and have the daughter of my girlfriend who is currently fighting brain cancer. Almost everyone I know knows someone who has suffered because of cancer. In a way, it connects us all but with faith it reminds us what is most important.

I would recommend volunteering at Dreams2Live4to anyone who would like to be involved. It is a beautiful thing to be near to our dreamers as they share love and joy with their friends and family. The beautiful staff here all do everything they can to make a difference through dreams.


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