At a Later Date

“In September 2017 Angus and I got married. We had the most beautiful wedding in the welsh countryside surrounded by friends and family from both hemispheres.
Sadly due to work and finances we decided to honeymoon at a later date, with visions of a month of travelling Australia and New Zealand.
In November everything changed when I had an abnormal Pap smear. In December I was diagnosed with Cervical cancer that was too advanced to operate on, and would require chemotherapy, radiation and Brachytherapy. This meant I was unable to work, as it was a five day a week treatment course.
A while after finishing treatment we discovered that the cancer had in fact spread through my lymph nodes and was now unable to be fully cured.
Angus has been a huge support to me throughout my treatment, and it would mean a great deal to us both to be able to have a few days at the Great Barrier Reef as a honeymoon. I have started more aggressive chemotherapy now, and this has meant we will be unable to have our month of travelling can but the barrier reef was the place we wanted to see the most!
It would mean the absolute world to us to be able to have some time away together to relax and forget about our harsh reality and to just be a normal young married couple.” – Camilla
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