Aunty Kez

Our dreamer Kerri, more commonly known as ‘Aunty Kez’, is the centre of her family. All 31 nieces and nephews, and 36 great nieces and nephews look to her for guidance.

“I have never been fortunate enough to have my own children and for my entire life my family and the children have been the centre of my universe, the reason I get out of bed each day even when my future doesn’t look as bright as it used to”.

With the help of Dreams2Live4, a cabin on Easts Beach in Kiama was booked and Aunty Kez’s adoring family came from far and wide.

“When I first imagined them all in one room- I thought it would be chaos. But with the week over I can say that I wouldn’t have had it any other way,” Kerri says.

“Thanks to Dreams2Live4 the whole family has been able to spend time with our Aunty Kez. Life can be so rough some times. Family has always been so important to Aunty Kez and spending this time with each and every one of her siblings, their partners, nieces, nephews and their kids has meant the world to her,” Kerri’s niece, Belinda, writes.

The bond this family has shown as they rally around their Aunty has warmed the hearts of everyone behind Dreams2Live4. For a big family, with a big heart, we wish them all the best of luck with their dreams and the memories shared.

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