Bat Phone: John Farnham and the Australian Open

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Thank you for being on our Bat Phone list. We have not needed to reach out recently but today we have two tricky dreams that are all about connections not funding. Dreams2Live4 makes Dreams come true for patients with metastatic cancer. Can you help us with your connections to make these two dreams come true?

Jo’s John Farnham Dream

At 53, Jo’s two loves are John Farnham and her children. This die-hard fan and single mum wakes every morning to the picture of her idol hanging in pride of place on her wall. Jo has shared this passion with her best friend since they were teenagers when they would watch Bandstand praying that John Farnham would appear. Since then, these two best mates have been to every concert tour John has put on.  Jo has been battling cancer since 2005 as it has slowly ravaged her body. Sadly, the cancer has now spread and her time is very limited. In the face of such devastating news, Jo has one dream. She yearns to meet her hero. He has been in her thoughts a lot as she has been preparing her funeral so that her children are not left with the task. Jo has directed that her favourite song ‘Two Strong Hearts’ be played to honour her life’s two great passions – her family and John Farnham.

Do you have a connection or any ideas we could try?


Judith’s Australian Open Dream

After a long battle with cancer, Judith has recently been given a dire prognosis. This tennis fanatic yearns to finally go to The Australian Open. We are in the process of booking flights, accommodation and 2, one day passes to the Australian Open for her and her girlfriend on the 14 – 17th January 2018. We would love to give her a special experience while she is there – perhaps meeting the players? Her idol is Rafael Nadal – but this humble and special lady would be thrilled with anything we can organise. Do you have a connection to The Australian Open or any ideas we should try?

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