Brand Matters

Brand Matters are a leading Sydney-based brand strategy, design and marketing consultancy who have helped us make dreams come true! Becoming a national charity, something our founder Annie dreamed about, is a cause for celebration and a big part of this celebration includes a refreshed brand identity. This was created by the incredibly creative and generous team at Brand Matters. The feather you see in our logo has been chosen to signify positivity, when you see a feather cross your path it’s said to be a sign to look for the brighter side – something that is core to us here at Dreams2live4. Feathers are also integral part of any dreamcatcher – a device that helps its charges having nothing but good dreams. And, of course, once upon a time you would see many feathers dipped in ink pots ready to be used as quills.

We help our Dreamers take back control and write their future, in their own way, and so the feather, along with the rest of the logo, fits us perfectly. Thank you Brand Matters for creating a look that is so uniquely us. As for the colours, anyone who has come in contact with our Dreams2live4 family will know that we are a vibrant group, filled with hope and warmth so we couldn’t think of a better combination of colours to show that.

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