Carla’s friends were the ones who kept her afloat!

Forty-seven year old Carla had always been the adventurous type. She loved the outdoors, her friends and the ocean. When the breast cancer she had beaten 3 years earlier returned, her life became a regime of doctors appointments, procedures and drugs. The years of sickness and hospital costs meant there was little money left for the luxury of a holiday. Carla’s friends were her greatest allies, helping with the daily chores and working hard to keep her spirits up.

Carla chose to share her dream with her closest friends and together they sailed the Whitsunday’s, mooring each night in a different bay, sailing and snorkelling each day. “The holiday was fantastic of course but it was the planning and excitement before hand and the new attitude to life that I came home with which has made the biggest impact on my life. Thank you Dreams2live4 for this amazing opportunity.”

*Details have been altered to protect the privacy of our dreamer.

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