Caroline- Our Dream Intern!

“I have multiple friends whose lives have been devastated by cancer. It’s shocking, and heart-breaking how many of my close friends only have one parent, after losing a mom or dad to the unforgiving disease. They have been robbed of happiness and certain experiences, and it just seems so unfair. I can only imagine how grateful those families would have been if they had the opportunity to work with an organization like Dreams2Live4. It’s comforting to know that D2L4 is growing bigger and brighter, and will continue its success in helping families through this incredibly difficult journey.”


We were incredibly lucky to have Caroline as part of our Dream Team in October.  She was instrumental to the success of The Feather Ball and was a pleasure to have in our office. We all benefited from her intelligence and positivity! She handled every challenge with grace and maturity and we’re sad to see her go. Read more about on her Dreams2Live4 experience below:

“Dreams2Live4 is made up of many moving parts. Part of its success is attributed to the random acts of kindness that the organization receives from the various people that they work with. It’s easy to get caught up in our own lives and forget just how lucky we are to be healthy human beings. I’d do well to slow down each day to take a moment and recognize my well-being, and redistribute this wealth through kindness to others. Even the smallest tokens go a long way, which is what I’ve learned throughout my time at D2L4.

Working at D2L4 is an invaluable experience, especially for young adults who have the rest of our professional careers ahead of us. Once you graduate University, there’s this huge pressure to join the corporate world, which many graduates end up doing. There’s no problem in doing this, but I think the experience of working for a non-profit at this stage in life offers a different perspective to budding graduates. It’s rare to be witness to the capacity of these seemingly ordinary people, who show unrelenting spirit when faced with extraordinary circumstances. I’m humbled to have been able to work with such an impressive team of hardworking women.” –  Caroline

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