Cassie – Hit the ground running

Meet our intern Cassie all the way from the USA. Cassie chose to intern at Dreams2Live4 because helping others is one of her greatest passions. “An organization that makes such a significant impact on others’ lives was the perfect place for me. I also knew that Dreams2Live4 would also be an incredibly inspiring experience because of the organization’s story.  

Cassie’s grandfather passed away from cancer when she was a young child . ” I was very close to him. He taught me and my brother how to play baseball in the backyard, and even went outside in below freezing weather to play with me in a snowstorm when no one else would.  I was lucky enough to spend so much time with him, but it was not long enough in my view.  That is why I care so much about the stuff that Dreams2Live4 does. It provides people with the opportunity to have beautiful moments with their loved ones, and I am so privileged to have worked with Dreams2Live4!”

” The office and people at Dreams2Live4 are some of the best people I have ever met! They welcomed me with open arms to the organization and made me feel at home! They are some of the most amazing and hardworking people I have ever met! They each do everything in their power to provide patients with the best experience of their life! I couldn’t have imagined a better group to work with or a better atmosphere to work in! “

 Cassie hit the ground running at Dreams2Live4 as she arrived just a month before a major fundraising event ‘Lunch with Alan Joyce’ at Parliament House, Sydney.Cassie was an integral part of the pre-event planning. She coordinated all the volunteers on the day which is a huge job!

“I am so lucky to have been a part of the Lunch with Alan Joyce Event! I loved being able to help the team organize the event and be a part of the action entirely! It was so interesting to see the behind-the-scenes-look at how everything comes together! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! That day was such a success because we raised $120,000 dollars for Dreams2Live4! That’s a lot of dreams for a lot of patients.” 

If you are interested in interning or volunteering with the Dreams2Live4 team in Belrose, NSW, contact louise@dreams2live4.org.au.

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