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  • “So I can call Kristy my wife”

    “Kristy and I first met 11 years ago chatting online. Then we decided to meet in person. I travelled up from Sydney, and first laid eyes on Kristy at Newcastle train station. We spent the day seeing the sights of Newcastle, lunch by the water and getting to know one another. Our friendship grew over […]

  • Will you help make a Dream come true at TGIF 2018?

    If you would like to donate to any of these dreams please email Louise Mahoney

  • “It all started with a quote.”

    “Beside my greatest fear – thinking about my young children growing up without me, I felt a great sadness in me of not daring enough to bring myself and my abilities, my gifts, my “music” more to others. Thanks to the help of Dreams2Live4 and the gift of a life coach, I gained clarity on how I can be of benefit to others, how I can serve others. My song is out in the world.” – Iris

  • Her last adventure with her boys…

    Alison’s dream was to have a great adventure with her boys. It was a trip of many firsts for them, first airplane ride, first ever train ride, first ride on Skyrail back to Cairns. And their beautiful Mum was there to share it all. See more

  • TL Rentals x Dreams2Live4 – A partnership in making dreams come true

    Since its inception, TL Rentals has been passionate about charity work and giving back to the local community and those in need in Australia. In line with this, we are incredibly excited to announce our own partnership with TL Rentals. See more

  • “To leave behind a piece of me, forever”

    Family is the most important thing to our dreamer Jeffery. His dream car is a close second. The memories he has made fixing it up and driving with his family throughout the years will last a lifetime. But it is in desperate need of restoration, so that it can be passed down through his family. A constant reminder of him, even after he has passed. See more

  • A dream in the making for 45 years!

    Jo dreamed of an escape from cancer, and a time to reconnect with her family, whom she loves dearly. Her escape to Broome allowed a time of rejuvenation and hope to carry her through the rest of her battle. Luckily for us, she kept a diary. See more

  • One Dreamer Making Dreams Come True!

    Our dreamer Jennifer does not know how many days she has left, but that won’t stop her and her children from doing what they can to fight cancer and help other patients! Despite Jennifer’s own gruelling battle with cancer, she does what she can to support the work of Dreams2Live4 and has raised an incredible $877.80! See more

  • The Rosser Sisters: Running for Dreams!

    Inspired by our dreamers’ touching stories: Caitlin and Maddison Rosser vowed to make a difference. We wanted to find out why these special sisters are choosing to give back in this meaningful way: running a half marathon! See more

  • Told he only had weeks left to live

    Told he has only weeks left to live, this 58 year old, loving grand dad is desperate to hold his grandchildren one last time.See more

  • “Just to be a better human being…”

    Challenged by the sudden death of his young adult nephew from cancer in 2011, Pat O’Sullivan was looking for a charity to support and one that he felt he would be able to make a difference to. He is a tireless ball of energy and a fantastic support to the Dreams2Live4 team! See more

  • “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give…”

    Meaghan Lucas has been with Dreams2Live4 from the very beginning and has seen it through to where it is now. Olivia Matis sat down with Meaghan, our Director of Marketing and Communications, in an attempt to discover the emotional drive behind her work at Dreams2Live4. See more

  • Dreams2Live4 receives Registered Charity Tick of approval from the ACNC

    Dreams2Live4 is proud to have received our registered charity tick from The Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC) – giving our donors confidence they are supporting an organization that is trusted. See more

  • What Dreams Means To Me

    “I have found it incredibly rewarding to learn about the stories of several dreamers and compile these stories into pieces of creative content which can be shared. You can’t help but feel personally connected to these individuals and their families” See more

  • Scott Dalton- Chairman of the Dreams2Live4 Board

    “In the last 2 years Dreams2Live4 has grown from working with patients at 1 hospital to more than 95 hospitals across Australia. This small team continue to work hard and learn to create the most impact they can with the precious funds donated to them.” – Scott Dalton

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