Colin Fassnidge’s heart is as big as his talent

He said yes! Celebrity Chef Colin Fassnidge is making Angela’s Dream come true. The story behind her Dream to meet the very talented Irish chef still brings a smile to Angela’s face. “I was sitting in hospital having chemo and I was offered jelly and ice cream for dinner as the dinner trolley had forgotten me… I looked at Kev and said: wouldn’t it be nice to have Colin Fassnidge cook me dinner? We are big fans of My Kitchen Rules and Colin. I have always loved his accent and dark curls.”
The next day Angela revealed her dream to Dream Maker Louise whose first thought was ‘This is one for the Bat Phone’. The Bat Phone is our secret weapon for those tricky dreams where we need to pull some strings. Some of our wonderful supporters have joined the Bat Phone list allowing us to send them an SMS text Dream Alert.
And we were blown away! Within just five minutes, someone had responded saying they knew Colin Fassnidge and could get our message to him. We worked hard at Dreams HQ bringing all the leads together and two short hours later, we were able to ring our Dreamer and tell her it was coming true! Angela and Kev are coming to Sydney with hotel accommodation and lunch at Colin’s fabulous 4Fourteen restaurant. A romantic weekend far away from chemo wards and dinner trolleys…
Our Dreamer Angela can’t believe that this is really happening. “I am very excited, and finally have something lovely to look forward to.” Thank you to our kind and generous Bat Phone Dream Team, donors, and supporters. And a big Thank you to the amazing Colin Fassnidge. Angela’s dream came true this weekend with a romantic weekend away with her husband, a very special lunch and to top it all off… it was her birthday! Angela wants you all to know how thankful she is…

“Thank you for a magical birthday weekend. The accommodation was great and out lunch at 4Fourteen was amazing and we got to meet and have a chat with the man himself Colin Fassnidge. He came in on his day off to meet me, which was lovely, and a big surprise. It totally topped off our lunch and weekend. We also had a wonderful picnic with my family at the Botanical gardens and 2 of my best friends flew over from WA to catch up. It was a magical weekend. I am now due for chemo. I cannot thank you enough, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. X”


Thank you team for making good things happen. And a HUGE thank you to the amazing Colin Fassnidge whose heart is as big as his incredible talent. What a guy!

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