Craig’s Bucket List

Last year, Craig Mason lost his fight to stay with his beautiful family.

“He wasn’t finished. He had so many other things he wanted to achieve. So many other places he wanted to visit and so many other memories he wanted to make for not only himself, his friends but more importantly his kids.”

Before he passed, he handed his wife an unfinished Bucket List- an answer to the question of how to go on. While they grieved for the adventures that will never again be shared- missing him every second of every day- they carry his memory across the globe. Every day they fight to keep going- to reach past their grief for the sense of mad adventure that Craig gave. Even in the end, cancer could not take his spirit. He was not defined in the measured days cancer gives. They fight to see the world for the opportunity it holds as their dad did. The compassion that they show for others who have been diagnosed as he was has inspired hundreds of others to do the same.

A year ago they made the choice to become the light to the lives of others as he was to theirs. A year ago they lost more than they ever should have had to but, in the life that has grown since, they have found courage, strength, and kindness. They have become the inspiration they needed to carry on. In the words of Sophie… “Life is too short to be anything but happy”.

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