Darren’s Reason To Dream

Darren has two very special reasons to keep dreaming. His wife Trish wrote to us with the the following beautiful words.

“Darren is the father of two magnificent humans beings, 12 year old Ty (boy) and Charli (girl).  He is the world to both and is commonly known in the Jones household as “The Unicorn” because he is perfect and farts rainbows in the kids eyes.

Darren is 49 and has terminal cancer.

In June 2015 Darren was diagnosed with cancer.  Despite chemotherapy, just a year later the cancer had metastasised.

Darren has fought the most inspiring, difficult fight of his life for the love of his kids, the very reason he draws breath.

Over Christmas Darren was hospitalised for 17 days with an infection. Upon his discharge he met with his Oncologist.  Darren was of the genuine belief that he would simply start chemo again and he would continue on with the fight.  Sadly his Oncologist advised Darren due to the significant and advancing nature of the cancer he was not going to offer him further chemo or radiotherapy.  Darren was shattered he had not entertained the thought that no further treatment was available to him.

In the days passing we were handed onto palliative care and were advised that we needed to start making plans to prepare for the inevitable.

Our beautiful palliative care Dr shared the flyer for Dreams2Live4 with us and explained the purpose of the beautiful charity and encouraged Darren to make contact with the Dream Makers.

It was difficult asking for help. However there are times in life when you are called upon to forsake your own ego and I took the big step and put my cap in my hand and shared our story. It was the opportunity to make precious magic lasting memories for Ty and Charli.

Our Dream Maker Louise was amazing.  She was patient, kind and empathetic to our circumstances.  She assured me that I had nothing to feel guilty for asking for help and immediately went about creating our magical dream.

Darren LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter and the thought of sharing the experience of Australia Zoo with Ty and Charli.

On Friday 19 January 2018 we flew from Sydney and Maroochydore and stayed in a magnificent apartment across the road from the beach.  When Darren was too unwell to get out of bed he just enjoyed the sound of the crashing waves on the shore.  It was still heaven on earth to him.

The next day we travelled to Australia Zoo.  It saddened me to see Darren having to move around the park in a wheelchair however we realised his love for his kids was bigger than his own sense of self.  He absolutely loved the park.  It was the first time I have seen Darren relax in a long time, he smiled and laughed naturally something I had not heard in a while.  It was just easy and cancer didn’t live in our life that day.  It was perfect.

We watched a performance from Bindi Irwin where she sang a song called “My Dad” and a montage of precious photos of Steve and Bindi together played across a big screen as she sang, it was perfect.  She was sharing that despite the fact that her Dad was a wildlife warrior …he was just Dad to her.

I looked over to spy a look at Darren and the kids to my right and I noticed Darren looking at Charli with tears running down his cheeks.  I felt like I could feel his pain.  He was looking at his little girl who too would say soon, “My Dad” and he would no longer be there.

Cancer is a putrid horrid disease!  We have decided not to live it everyday and we are going to make hay whilst the sun shines.

I would like to express our deepest thanks the amazing Dream Makers behind the scene and supporters of Dreams2Live4.   We will never have the words to express how thankful we are. I hope in the future we can give back and let our actions speak for our words.

I would encourage anyone in our situation to allow yourself to be a bit vulnerable for the greater good of living a dream if but for a short time and accept the help provided by Dreams2Live4.” – Trish

Thanks to the moon and back from Darren, Trish, Ty and Charli xxxxx

The Team at TL Rentals are behind making this Dream come true. They donate $5 for every contract they sign. We used this month’s donation to help pay for the accommodation for Darren and his family. Thank you TL Rentals for making Dreams come true.

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