Every moment spent with loved ones is precious

After our dreamer, Alfonso, was diagnosed with metastatic cancer, he knew he wanted to spend as much time as possible with the one he loves. Even after 40 years, Alfonso and Paul’s love is stronger than ever! Although Alfonso has little time left, this couple won’t be deterred from having their first holiday in two years. Finally, they will have precious time to spend together away from treatment, hospitals and bad news.

“Thanks a million for all you do… my goodness, words do not give you and Dreams2Live4 justice. Simply brilliant! We are really excited! Ali is having a bad day today but at least now he has a dream to look forward to… and he is very much looking forward to the break from doctors and hospitals! God bless!”
– Paul, Alfonso’s partner

Thanks to our generous donors and supporters, this wonderful couple’s dream will come true.

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