Feeling like a Queen for the day!

Meet the fabulous Sue who got to feel like a queen for the day despite her tough cancer battle and months in hospital.
“A simple Dream but to me it was MAGICAL just to be out of hospital and be with some of the people I love most in the world. I was made to feel special for a day. It really gave me a total boost and I felt like a Queen everywhere I went! Choosing who to share this with which was probably the easiest part – My Big Brother who is the best person ever, and threeof my best friends. My “Dream Day” consisted of being picked up in a Limo, taken to the Gold Coast as I haven’t been there for 25 years, having a massage as many would know, I haven’t been able to have a massage for the last year and a half and taken for a beautiful Seafood Lunch (just because I wanted to¬†?). I cannot thank you enough for what you did for me” – Sue

This was the first dream our wonderful new dream maker Karen at The Wesley Hospital got to attend. To experience the magic of Sue’s dream, see the big smile on her face and to share in her happiness was so special!

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