Finally being able to make happy memories

Battling a rare tumor has been frustrating and devastating for both Roz and her family. But being able to forget about her battle with cancer, even just for a short while, allowed the family to create some unforgettable moments and happy memories they could look back on forever. Much to her children’s delight, mum was even able to join in on the action in a truly fun-filled adventure. To escape surgery, radiation and chemotherapy with some fun and laughter was just what the doctor ordered!

“To see my three daughters and husband laughing and making memories that are HAPPY ones was amazing…it was more than a dream! I even managed to go on the banana behind jet ski and ride down a very tall sand dune to my girls delight. We really didn’t want to come home! It’s just we needed as life at home is not very fun. I have been battling brain cancer since 2009 , been through, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy and my tumour just won’t go away! I have a rare tumour and not much is known on how to treat, which is very frustrating and upsetting for all. This gift of a break was truly amazing we can’t thank you enough.”
– Roz

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