Finding Peace in a Natural Wonder

Our dreamer and metastatic cancer patient, Wendy, always had visiting Uluru at the top of her bucket list. Unfortunately, distractions and responsibilities of her everyday life meant that her dream had not been realised, until now! Wendy’s dream was to whisk her family away and share in the magic and peacefulness of the Australian icon.

With her mother and two teenage sons in tow, the family shared in the joy and magic of adventure. They sat and watched the changing colours as the sun strikes the rock at different times throughout the day and created memories to cherish forever. They were able to witness the deep glow of red as the sun set on their adventure.

“Wendy was filled with gratitude and must have thanked me a dozen times. It was an absolute pleasure and honour to grant this dream for such a deserving, kind woman who has such a big heart and so much love for her family.”
– Annabel, Dream Maker

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