For some quality family time with my girls

“Words cannot begin to describe the immense feeling of joy that this post has bought our family- just in time for Chrissy too!! Thanks to an amazing charity who helps to fulfil the dreams of those living with metastatic cancer our lucky little family is off for a little getaway to NOOSA!!! After losing our trip to Bali on account of my lungs being pieces of crap and filling with fluid which then resulted in multiple hospital stays and an op to stick my lung to my lung lining┬áso to speak… we were absolutely devastated that we couldn’t go on our much needed holiday. Now we can finally have some quality family time! Hopefully away from dr’s & appointments & pal care home visits. Nothing but the sun, beach & my beautiful family. It’s just what the doctor ordered- really!!! There are some kind hearted people out there who donate to charities such as dreams2live4 & without them this wouldn’t be possible- so a BIG BIG fat THANK YOU to those who have donated. It really has made our Christmas!”

– Tyanne

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