Forever 19

This week we continue our work in the memory of our dreamer Bree. No words can do justice to her courage. She lost more than many do in a lifetime by the age of 19 and, still, she did not hesitate to smile. She showed her friends and family the strength needed to live without her. They are the ones who know what was truly lost.

 For the team behind Dreams2Live4, it was enough just to give her a little joy in her last dreams to spend time with her family outside of the hospital walls with a limo ride to the aquarium and wax museum. When her health didn’t allow her to go to the zoo, the Samsung virtual reality headset meant that she could see more of the world from within them. From her bed she could enjoy all the wonders of the African Safari.

She is remembered for the beautiful daughter, friend and sister that she was, and the mother that she should have been. She is not remembered for her cancer but how she lived in spite of it.

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