He was finally empowered again

After being diagnosed and despite grueling pain, his main goal was to make his family feel comfortable, not himself. He has always cared for others more than himself, and even when he was facing an uncertain future, he thought of how he could share his dream with those he cared the most about. Jack’s dream was to take his family away to Queensland, and through Dreams2Live4, he was able to see it fulfilled. Jack’s mom explained how much this dream meant to her son and her family.

“With Jack’s cancer, we felt the hardest part was the time that was taken from us. From 10 years to not making it to Christmas, his life was ripped out from underneath him and away from us. He was so young and the type of person he was, he didn’t deserve it. But never once did he complain. He had every right to put a hole in every wall in this house. But never once was he angry. His whole thing was: ‘One day at a time, mum. It is what it is’.

He had such a beautiful heart and he was such a happy kid… and such a happy man.

I’ll never forget the smile on Jack’s face when his Dream came true. To take his family away was exactly what he had wanted. He was empowered to make a decision for himself at a time when he was so stripped of power.”
– Debra, Jack’s mother

Because of our incredible donors and sponsors, we were able to make Jack’s dream come true. Although Jack has passed, memories of him and his dream will stay with the family to be cherished forever.

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