Her only Dream was to make her children smile this Christmas

This is the story of Manu, a vibrant and loving single mother of two girls, Leilani, 10, and Isabella, 6, from Sydney. Manu is just 41 years old, yet she has already faced more challenges than most of us ever will.

A few years ago, Manu became a single mother when her husband left her and her daughters. The young family was left with no financial support and was forced to move into Mission Australia Housing. Manu was determined to create a good life for her daughters, so she enrolled in college to pursue her lifelong passion of training to become a nurse.

However, a short time after starting her training, Manu was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, which had already spread to other areas in her body. Very sadly, her doctors have told her that she is unlikely to live another year. Despite the challenges and pain from the cancer and treatment, Manu is relentlessly positive, and the happiness and wellbeing of her girls remains the most important thing to her.

Last Christmas will likely be the last one Manu will get to spend with her daughters, but with all of her money going towards medical expenses, she couldn’t afford even a simple Christmas meal, let alone presents for her girls. Her dream was to create one, final, magical Christmas to share with her daughters. Thanks to the generous donation made to Dreams2Live4 by the staff and clients of Brand Matters, this Christmas Dream came true.

Manu went on a shopping spree, picking out musical instruments and clothes for her music and fashion-loving daughters. Her home was transformed with sparkling decorations and the family celebrated their first proper Christmas lunch.

The looks on Leilani and Isabella’s faces when they unwrapped their presents was priceless. Manu told us: “They couldn’t stop singing and dancing the WHOLE day!”

So glad that we were able to see this area, come true and they could experience the magic of Christmas!

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