House Boat on the Murray River

“It’s my dream to take myself and my family on a house boat on the Murray River.”

At just 47 years old, our dreamer, Lisa, struggled to understand her shock diagnosis of late stage cancer following extreme stomach pain and a visit to the local hospital.

“Life throws us curve balls- and this was a biggy,” she writes.

“My partner and I have each been camping with our kids since they were babies. Camping is a huge part of our life- relaxing, having fun and spending quality family time with no interruptions.”

“We often saw the house boats cruising down the river and thought to ourselves that one day it would be us.”

“A house boat will give us time together as a family. We could make memories for when I am gone, and little bit of luxury wouldn’t hurt either,” Lisa says.

“It’s so important to me that the ones I leave behind have some very special times to look back on and remember that I never gave up.”

Lisa’s dream will come true in August, giving them the time away they need to be a family.

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