“I had no idea my main character’s predicament would become my own.”

“When I first started plotting and outlining my book in 2012, I had no idea my main character’s predicament would become my own – a woman in her 50’s being given a terminal diagnosis and her desperation not to leave her loved ones.”

– Vivienne

Meet our Dreamer, Vivienne, whose lifelong dream was to write and publish a book, and, through sheer grit and determination, Viv’s dream came true when she finally published her novel in May, 2016. Gracie’s Girls follows the story of a fifty-eight year old palliative care nurse who is told she has just a few months to live. A story of hope, optimism and empathy, it truly brought us to tears. Years after it was written, Viv herself was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and was told she didn’t have much time left.

In her letter to Dreams2Live4, she explains: “There are a lot of important messages in Gracie’s Girls. It was a book that was meant to be written and it is my dying wish that as many people as possible will read it. As my main character, Gracie, says…anything is possible. I believe the writing of Gracie’s Girls was the universe’s way of helping my family and myself to deal with what turned out to be a classic example of ‘life mimicking art’.

Vivienne, who also lost her mother to terminal cancer, believes Gracie’s Girls holds important messages about happiness, acceptance and the possibilities both here and beyond. We couldn’t agree more and believe it relates so much to the Dreams2Live4 mantra.

When asked about writing more books, Vivienne told us, “Like many things, it will be largely out of my control.  Still, I’ll keep writing while there is breath in my body and if I finish them, great, if not, at least I will have died doing what I love and what makes me happy. I’m an extremely positive, happy person and while I intend to do what I need to do, I also intend to push for as much time as possible”


Gracie’s Girls is for sale on Amazon www.amazon.com/author/viviennehamilton
Vivian’s author website is www.vfhamilton.com
Vivan’s Facebook is www.facebook.com/vivfhamilton

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