I want them to remember the ‘fun’ me

Kylie was diagnosed with cancer on January 21, 2013, the same day her mother passed from the same disease. Unfortunately her diagnosis quickly spread to her bones, back, ribs, neck and skull, threatening her life.

She is a fun-loving mum with 4 incredible sons and a nephew who mean the world to her. Life as a single mum has not been easy and Kylie has worked hard to keep the spirit of fun and joy alive in her family, but the last 12 months have put this to the test as her ongoing battle with cancer has drained the family of finances and joy. This has taken a heartbreaking toll on her young family.

Kylie’s Dream is to see her boys smile again. Thanks to our donors, Kylie was able to take her family to the theme parks on the Gold Coast. She loved to hear the screams of delight as they shared this adventure together and created memories to last a lifetime.

“I want them to have memories of me that are filled with happiness and adventure, laughter and love – not the defeat of this horrible disease.”
– Kylie, our dreamer

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