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I was crying 5 minutes after taking this photo

My name is Meaghan Lucas and I have recently started working with Dreams2live4. One of my first days on the job was to visit a Dreamer’s home where she was being interviewed by Deborah Knight from the Today Show. Our Dreamer is a single Mum who has been battling cancer for more than a decade. When the Channel Nine crew arrived everyone was very friendly and our Dreamer was beaming. But as the interview progressed, and our Dreamer started to talk about what metastatic cancer had done to her, I couldn’t hold back my tears. Her amazing story will be aired on Mother’s Day on the Weekend Today Show. Thank you to the Channel Nine team for the kindness and care they showed throughout the filming. Thank you to our Dreamer and her beautiful 12 year old daughter for sharing their story. Dreams2live4 helps make dreams come true for the patients who are living with metastatic cancer. Connect with us on our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/Dreams2live4

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