It’s All Relative

The bond between family lies in the choice to love one another through every triumph and misstep. They are the reason our dreamer does not fear for ‘what if’.

With her 60th birthday falling on the 1st of January, Jan’s dream called her family from all over Australia to one night in the Central Coast. After the rigorous courses of hormone therapy and the seemingly never-ending side effects of treatment against her breast cancer, 2018 has been coined Jan’s ‘Annus Horribillus’ or the worst of years.

For one night, while the world outside braced for their own celebrations, her family crossed the distance that kept them apart. With food, wine and speeches flowing, our dreamer was reminded that love comes foremost, before any disease. While cancer takes time from its fighters, this family stands to show that days can only be measured in our ability to do more, give more and love more within them.

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