Just to be there and support my team!


Melinda has been a South Sydney Rabbitohs fan all of her life, even though her husband is a Prametta Eels fan. Throughout her difficult battle with cancer, she continued to be a strong supporter of her team and will always be. By watching games and continuously pulling for her team, she was able to transport herself from the dreariness of hospitals, and instead be a normal fan just enjoying her favorite pastime.

For her dream, she decided to come to Sydney to watch the Rabbitohs, and eels battle it out head to head and spend quality time with her family. Although they might not agree on who to cheer for, her family is still so incredibly important to her, that she wanted some time away to reconnect and be a normal family, not battling cancer, again for a little while.

“Our family cannot thank you enough for this weekend in Sydney to see my Rabbitohs play tonight…we have had an awesome day sightseeing and now at the hotel getting ready for the game… Go rabbits!”

– Melinda

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