Last Minute Miracles

This young mum’s dream is to take her 9 year old to see the Ed Sheeren concert in Sydney. But it was sold out!

Just 3 days before Christmas Jessica’s life was devastated when she was diagnosed with advanced cancer. “Ed Sheeren songs have been the soundtrack¬†for our family to get us through the last few months. I’m just trying so hard not to think of the inevitable for my kids and keep as positive as possible for them. I would do anything to take my 9 year old Lacey to see Ed Sheeran. It would be a dream come true.”

Just last month Jessica married Lacey’s Dad Luke. “The most magical part was our first dance to Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’. The song means so much to my husband and I, we got together 11 years ago and we were only teenagers, I was a single mum at 19 with a 1 year old and no-one had faith in us, fast forward 11 years and our own baby (Lacey 9yrs old) and a marriage we are stronger than ever and more determined then ever.”

When our Dream Making team received Jessica’s plea they swung into action. Tickets were sold. Undaunted they put a shout out to our Face Book community. In a matter of hours, a generous couple donated their own tickets so Jessica’s dream could come true! They wrote to us saying “We would get more pleasure knowing that we have helped Jessica fulfil her dream with her daughter.” Such random acts of kindness remind us all how special this Dreams2Live4 family is.


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