‘Life is for living, dreams are for chasing, and love always wins.’

Catur was diagnosed with a rare cancer 4 years ago, but that did not stop his spirit. Catur has always been an incredible musician, and Dreams2Live4 was able to give himĀ a new guitar and sound system, to continue chasing his passion.

“My husband, Catur is a musician & music has always allowed him the space to express & communicate, more so than ever these past 4 years fighting a rare 1 in a million Cancer – Appendix Cancer.

We are about to set off living the rest of his life on the road on our Love Bus, performing our album for others & spreading hope & love as far as we can! Today we picked up Catur’s dream guitar and sound system… From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for getting it! Life is for living, dreams are for chasing & love always wins!”
– Sarah, Catur’s Husband

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