Lucky 8 Limousines

Lucky 8 Limousines transport is an essential component for many of our Dreams, the wonderful team at Lucky 8 have been generous with their time and resources. Here is just one Dream that could not have come true without their support: Our Dreamer Nancy had been facing an excruciating treatment for her metastatic cancer, including a nuclear medicine regime. This treatment meant she could not touch or come in contact with anyone. Unfortunately, Nancy’s son was committed to serve a prison sentence while she was being quarantined in the hospital. Her Dream was to meet with her son in person to say goodbye and give him a hug and kiss. Dreams2live4 and its partner Lucky 8 Limousines were able to provide Nancy with a limousine to take her to visit with her son in person. Nancy was able to hold her son and give him the proper goodbye she Dreamed about. Thank you so much to Lucky 8 Limousines for their invaluable support and for helping Nancy to be reunited with her son to fulfil her Dream.

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