Making Memories

“Being told you are going to die makes you realize what is truly important in this life, and to me that is my son.

I want to give him a memory of a time where the worry and stress of seeing me get sicker leaves his mind for a little while. I want to give him a break from the daily appointments and treatments. A place where we can forget the bad things happening in our life if only for a small amount of time. My dream is to take him to see the theme parks and Australia zoo inĀ Queensland. The last time I was able to take my son there he was only 4 yrs old. While I remember it so vividly of course he doesn’t.

This means so much to me because I know I will not be here to see my son grow into the wonderful man I know in my heart he will become. I want to create as many precious memories for him to treasure as I can before I am unable to. This is something I would never be able to do or achieve before my time is done on this earth, for me without your help this dream is unobtainable so for you help I wish to thank-you from the bottom of my heart.”

Thanks to our wonderful supporters Kelly’s dream is coming true.

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